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Revd Dr Christine O’Dowd-Smyth lectures in French Studies & Comparative Diasporic Literatures at Waterford Institute of Technology. Her book: Ireland & Algeria: The Problematic of Diasporic Identity will be published by Peter Lang in 2022.

Revd Dr Christine O’Dowd-Smyth is a Lecturer in French & Comparative Postcolonial Literatures at Waterford Institute of Technology. She was a keynote speaker at the Borders Inside & Out Conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in September 2018:

I have published in Irish and European Theological journals. Publications include The Human Condition in the Writings of Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967): A Theological Exploration. (Excerpta ex diss. ad Doctoratum). Rome: Gregorian University, Polyglot Press, 1991, pp. 135. The Wild Laugh: