ACIS Logo Policy on Social Media

Guidelines for usage of ACIS Facebook Page and website

Stick to the Subject:  The ACIS Facebook group page seeks to further the ACIS’s mission to promote the multi-disciplinary academic study of Ireland and its diaspora by offering a forum for scholarly discussion. It also offers a forum for announcements of conferences, academic events, and related activities by ACIS and its related organizations. Posts to the page should encourage healthy and informed scholarly discussion or inform members of research and employment opportunities within the field. All posters are encouraged to become ACIS members. Posts that do not reflect ACIS’s standards of scholarship will be removed from the page without consultation.

Respect Group Members:  We encourage healthy, informed, and respectful debate. Bullying, insulting, slandering, and/or trolling individuals will not be tolerated. Members who break this rule will usually be given one warning. If their behavior continues, they will be suspended from the group indefinitely.  Members who engage in egregious incivility or hate speech may be removed from the group without a preliminary warning.

No Spam, Promotions, or Excessive Self-Promotion:  Individuals should feel free to announce new Irish Studies publications, readings, or performances relevant to the field, but please post about your publication or event only once.  Members who break this rule will be given one warning. If their behavior continues, they will be removed from the group.

1 Many issue-oriented advocacy groups are 501(c)3 organizations, like ACIS; they just aren’t allowed to partake in lobbying or campaign for candidates (see .  ACIS bylaws, however, do prohibit members involved in political or social action from using the name of ACIS in support of their activities (ACIS By-laws, article I.B).

2 The full text of the diversity statement is found here: