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I have published in Irish and European Theological journals. Publications include The Human Condition in the Writings of Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967): A Theological Exploration. (Excerpta ex diss. ad Doctoratum). Rome: Gregorian University, Polyglot Press, 1991, pp. 135. The Wild Laugh: The Human being God’s Risk in Patrick Kavanagh. In preparation for publication by Mellon Press, Dublin, circa 200pp. (planned publication date June 2019). ‘Patrick Kavanagh’s “The Great Hunger” – A Vision of Tragedy’, Doctrine and Life, Volume 56, March 2006, pp. 169-180. ‘A Cultural Critique of ICT led Irish Society: Religious and Historical Perspectives’ ‘Searching for European Identity: Culture, Religion and the Irish Experience’ Culture, Technology and Values: Ethical Dimensions of European Identity (Breen, M, Conway, E and Lewandowska, B eds), Limerick: Centre for Culture, Technology and Values and London: Paragon Press, 2008. ‘Technology, Theology and the University’, European Theology Bulletin: Journal for Theology in Europe, Vol. 18, no. 1, 2007.Current research interests are: Religious and Cultural Implications of the Irish and European Future; Spiritual and Theological Perspectives on Progress and Development in Society, Science and Technology, Sustainable Quality of Life in the South East Region of Ireland.

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