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Bernard Shaw and the Making of Modern Ireland

This book is an anthology focused on Bernard Shaw’s efforts, literary and political, that worked toward a modernizing Ireland. Following Declan Kiberd’s Foreword and the editors’ Introduction, the contributing chapters, in their order of appearance, are from President of Ireland

Avant Garde Nationalism at the Dublin Gate Theatre, 1928-1940

By Ruud van den Beuken In 1928, Hilton Edwards and Micheál mac Liammóir founded the Dublin Gate Theatre, which quickly became renowned for producing stylistically and dramaturgically innovative plays in a uniquely avant-garde setting. While the Gate’s lasting importance to

Yeats and Asia: Overviews and case studies

The association of Yeats with Asia suggests references to Byzantium, Theosophy, the influence of Mohini Chatterjee, Occultism, Rabindranath Tagore or the Upanishads, Nōh theatre, masks or his fugitive use of Zen koans, and the gyres as a version of Yin

Politics, Culture, and the Irish American Press, 1784-1963

From the Revolutionary War forward, Irish immigrants have contributed significantly to the construction of the American Republic. Scholars have documented their experiences and explored their social, political, and cultural lives in countless books. Offering a fresh perspective, this volume traces

Childhood, Religion and School Injustice

Debates about religion and education internationally often presume the neutrality of secular education governance as an irrefutable public good. However, understandings of secular freedom, rights and neutrality in schooling are continuously contested, and social movements have disrupted the notion that

Sport, the Media and Ireland: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Sport occupies a central position in Irish social and cultural life, yet has been relatively marginal within the academy. Significant research has been undertaken by individual scholars, and various important books have been published recently – for example Paul Rouse’s