ACIS Logo Telling Truths: Evelyn Conlon and the Task of Writing

Telling Truths: Evelyn Conlon and the Task of Writing is the first book to provide a critical assessment of Evelyn Conlon’s work. Drawing on a variety of perspectives such as feminism, ethics, famine studies, mobility studies, translation studies, short fiction, narratology and historiographic metafiction, the essays gathered in this volume reveal that Conlon’s writing, characterised by sharp observation, insistently questions the predetermined course of female existence, explores alternative forms of freedom and ultimately reflects her commitment to seek and tell truths. The intersectional approach of the book is part of a current endeavour in Irish Studies to keep interrogating well established topics, to examine the elusiveness of others and to explore new boundaries through renewed epistemological and ethical positions.

“This book offers a comprehensive critical guide to one of Ireland’s most original writers. The highly interesting and engaging essays situate Conlon’s work in its literary and socio-political contexts, but also illuminate her distinctive narrative voice, the subversive nature of her writing and its sustained commitment to social justice”.
Elke D’hoker, University of Leuven.

“This landmark collection definitively establishes the importance of the work of Evelyn Conlon. The political and ethical underpinnings of her fiction are winningly articulated. Above all, these searching explorations demonstrate her fine-grained skill as an author and copper-fasten her position as a pivotal, contestatory voice in the recent history of Irish women’s writing”.
Anne Fogarty, University College Dublin.

Published on: January 10, 2023