ACIS Logo Great Hatred: The Assassination of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson MP

A gripping investigation into one of Irish history’s greatest mysteries, Great Hatred reveals the true story behind one of the most significant political assassinations to ever have been committed on British soil.

Praise for Great Hatred 

“McGreevy’s quite brilliant book skilfully places the shooting of Wilson in context.” – John Walshe, The Sunday Business Post

“Here McGreevy’s journalist background works to his advantage as he makes judgement only about Wilson’s conduct when the evidence allows him to do so” – JP O’Malley, The Sunday Times

“A meticulously researched and well-written book. This is an excellent book, which ranges much further than the story of Henry Wilson, Reginal Dunne and Joseph O’Sullivan, giving rich background detail on southern Unionism, the War of Independence, the establishment of Northern Ireland and the sectarian violence in Belfast which followed, as well as the Civil War. It deserves a wide readership.” – David McCullagh, RTÉ

“A gripping and handsomely illustrated book” – Eunan O’Halpin, Times Literary Supplement

“Deals with the complex, tangled layers of national, religious and cultural identity that were squeezed by the obliterative certainties of revolution – Caoimhe Nic Dháibhéid, Financial Times

“This most timely work, well-researched… and packed with information, should help rescue Wilson from undeserved neglect – Lord Lexden, The House magazine

“Tells the story with journalistic brio … McGreevy’s carefully drawn picture of two London-born assassins does much to illuminate the IRA’s largely neglected mainland campaign” – Charles Townshend, BBC History magazine

“McGreevy grabs the reader by the throat from the get-go, the first chapter reading like a thriller although it’s fact. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone wondering about the real reasons, with all their complexities, behind one of Ireland’s darkest moments” – Anne Cunningham, Meath Chronicle

“He is persuasive that Wilson’s assassination was a Sarajevo-like moment in the spiral towards civil war in Ireland. The ‘hatred’ in McGreevy’s title is part of the story, but the complexities of political attitudes and their evolution across the span of the First World War cannot be reduced to a single phenomenon.” Niamh Gallagher, the London Review of Books

“Rich and nuanced …a vivid picture of the many varieties of Irishness stirring in the violent cauldron of events a century ago’” – Roy Foster, The Spectator

“Gripping from start to finish.” Anita Anand, author of The Patient Assassin

“An important and valuable addition to the library of the Irish Revolution.” – Diarmaid Ferriter

“Heart-stopping…The book is both forensic and a page-turner.” – Michael Portillo

“McGreevy’s new account of the assassination is an invaluable source.” – Marie Coleman, Irish Times

“McGreevy provides more than the anatomy of a political murder; in reconstructing this era of blood, poverty and wartime trauma, he also gives full expression to the terrible forces that WB Yeats once called the ‘fanatic heart’ and the ‘great hatred’.” –  Michael Taylor, The Times

“Intelligent and insightful . . . McGreevy’s painstakingly researched narrative highlights the complex nature of national identity.’ Andrew Lynch, Irish Independent 



Published on: August 15, 2022