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“The Wandering Jew and the Irishman: Paradigm Shifts and the Influence of James Joyce in Modern Israeli Fiction.” Religion and Literature 30.3 (Autumn 1998).

“My Nation is at War with My Country: Borders and National Identity in Irish and Palestinian Israeli Fiction.” ACIS Midatlantic and New England Regional Conference. 2019.

“Weaponizing Women: Borders, Migration, and the Female Body in Mexican, Irish, and Palestinian Literature.” Immigration Briefing. Villanova University. 2018.

“A ‘Race of Angels’: Diaspora, Deformity, and Displacement in James Joyce’s and Salman Rushdie’s Modernisms.” Modernist Studies Association. 2000.

“Writing and/as Occupation: Joyce’s Textual and Territorial Migrations.” 17th International James Joyce Symposium. 2000.

“The Word and the Flesh: Maternity and Language in Ulysses.” Victorian Joyce. 1997.

“Sweets of Sin: Molly Bloom, Reading and Narrative Authority in Ulysses.” 15th International James Joyce Symposium. 1994.

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