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“The Wandering Jew and the Irishman: Paradigm Shifts and the Influence of James Joyce in Modern Israeli Fiction.” Religion and Literature 30.3 (Autumn 1998). “My Nation is at War with My Country: Borders and National Identity in Irish and Palestinian

David Cregan O.S.A., Ph.D., is an Associate Dean in the College of Professional Studies and an Associate Professor of Theatre at Villanova University. He earned his doctorate from the Samuel Beckett School of Drama at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Jennifer A. Joyce, Ph.D., serves as Associate Director of the Center for Irish Studies and Associate Teaching Professor in the Augustine and Culture Seminar Program at Villanova University. She teaches and writes about contemporary Irish and American literature and culture,

My research focuses on questions of borders, migration, and diaspora in Irish and Palestinian literature; James Joyce’s textual and territorial migrations; hybridity, language, and the female body in Irish and Israeli fiction. My work has been published in Bryn Mawr

Mary L. Mullen is an assistant professor of English and member of the Irish Studies faculty at Villanova University. She is the author of Novel Institutions: Anachronism, Irish Novels and Nineteenth-Century Realism (Edinburgh University Pres, 2019). She has published articles