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For its 2018 meeting on University College Cork’s Green Campus, ACIS calls for papers that consider the Environments of Irish Studies. We understand the question of environment in its widest sense, taking it to mean the natural, political, historical and cultural forces that surround and shape Irish Studies, as well as the world on which which we make an impact as scholars, writers and citizens. We invite a widespread multi-disciplinary response to the conference theme. We are especially interested in papers that move between and across the disciplines.

Topics may include:

  • Connected environments: Ireland in the transatlantic and imperial world
  • Border environments
  • Changes to the political environment, including women’s suffrage; the Armistice and General Election of 1918; the 20th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement in 2018
  • Encompassing environments: Ireland post-Brexit; Ireland in the Trump era
  • New approaches to Irish Studies, including ecocriticism
  • Environmental citizenship in Ireland
  • Migration, diaspora, genealogies of Irishness
  • Human and nonhuman relations in Irish history, film and literature
  • Climate change; weather; the sustainability, fragility and resilience of natural and human systems
  • Health history and disease; epidemics in history; the Great Flu of 1918-19
  • Domestic, rural and urban space; spatial justice in Irish Studies
  • The publishing environments of Irish Studies
  • Creative environments
  • Commemoration and post-commemoration as shaping forces
  • How can Irish Studies navigate contemporary scholarly environments, including the transnational turn?

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