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Le Moyne College’s minor offers students the opportunity to concentrate on the literature of Ireland while gaining an understanding of its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. The program offers a variety of courses that give students an understanding of some of the trends and leading figures of Irish literature. Courses on Ireland’s Literary Revival, Contemporary Literature and Politics, and on major figures like William Butler Yeats explore key moments in Irish literary history, as well as the ways in which Irish literature impacted national identity and wider literary trends.

The wider program hosts a wide array of programs and lectures, recently hosting writers such as Anne Enright, Colum McCann, and Colm Tóibín, as well as collaborating with the Syracuse Irish festival to host Irish sessions and with the Syracuse James Joyce Club on its annual Bloomsday event. Students in Le Moyne’s program have gone on to graduate work in Irish Studies in both the United States and Ireland and have attended summer language study in the Gaeltacht.

Selected Course Offerings

ENG 210. Beckett.
ENG 326 (GWS 326). 19th C English and Irish Women Writers
ENG 340 (GWS 314/PGS 314). Post-Colonial Literature and Theory
ENG 367. Yeats
ENG 409. Celtic Literature
HST 309. Tudor-Stuart Britain and Ireland
ANT 398 (PGS 398). Special Topics: the Anthropology of Ireland
ENG 419 (GWS 419). Contemp Irish Lit and Politics

Within Irish Studies, I work on Oscar Wilde and James Joyce; within English Studies, George Eliot, Walter Pater and Virginia Woolf; within European Studies, Rilke and Freud. I have particular research interests in psychoanalysis, sexuality and visual art.

Poet, fiction writer, and critic David Lloyd is the author of eleven books, including four poetry collections: The Everyday Apocalypse (2002), The Gospel According to Frank (2009), Warriors (2012) and The Body’s Compass, forthcoming from Salmon Poetry, Ireland, in 2021.

Kate is the immediate Past President of the ACIS and the current series editor of the Syracuse UP Irish line. She has published two monographs, Trauma and Recovery in the Twenty-first-Century Irish Novel and Mother Country: Politics of the Personal