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I am currently completing a PhD in the area of postdramatic theatre and political and social activism in University College Dublin

Professor of Migration and Social Policy University College Dublin My research in tests include Migration and social change as this affects Ireland and intellectual history.

Mary McAuliffe is an Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at UCD and holds a PhD from the School of History and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin. Her latest publication is a biography of Margaret Skinnider (UCD Press, Irish Life and Times

I am currently focusing on an ERC-funded project entitled ‘Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020’. I have published a number of English-language journal articles on Irish childhood and the Irish revival, and my book publications in the Irish language

Loic Wright is a PhD candidate in the School of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin (UCD). He holds a joint honours bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish and a Master’s degree in Anglo-Irish Literature and Culture from

Books: Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture, Native Genius Reaffirmed, Yale University Press, 2010; Sculpture 1600-2000, vol. 3, RIA Art and Architecture of Ireland, Yale University Press, 2014 (editor and principal author). I am currently working on nineteenth and early twentieth-century Irish-American sculptors