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Patricia Laurence has published widely on transnational modernism and women writers. Her publications include (1991); (2001); (2005).

She recently published the biography, (2020).

“Linearity does not tally with Elizabeth Bowen’s style of writing, living, or remembering, and this engaging critical biography presents what Laurence ably demonstrates to be Bowen’s ‘kaleidoscopic life’ as private woman, public intellectual, spy, propagandist, and author in a style and format that does her intriguing and contradictory subject justice.”

—Mary Burke, Associate Professor of English, University of Connecticut, USA, and author of “Tinkers”: Synge and the Cultural History of the Irish Traveller.

Her article, “The Dreamwork of a Nation: from Virginia Woolf to Elizabeth Bowen to Mary Lavin,” will appear in, spring 2021.

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