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I am a professor of modern British and Irish history. My work focuses on histories of communities in the 20th century with an interest in queer and postcolonial perspectives. Relevant publications include:

Ireland and the Irish in Interwar England (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014)

Dogs in the Picture: Restoring the Queer History of the Irish Family,’ Spring 2024 in History of the Family

“”Both Your Sexes”: A Non-Binary Approach to Gender History, Trans Studies and the Making of the Self in Modern Britain,” History Workshop Journal 95 (Spring 2023)

“Co-opting the Cooperative Movement? Development, Decolonization, and the Power of Expertise at the Cooperative College, 1920s-1960s,” Journal of Global History 17:3 (November 2022) (advanced online publication 18 August 2021)

“Les coopératives et la décolonisation dans l’empire britannique [Cooperatives and decolonisation in the British Empire],” in Alexia Blin, Stéphane Gacon, François Jarrige, and Xavier Vigna, L’utopie au jour le jour: une histoire des expériences coopératives (XIXe-XXIe siècle) (Nancy: Éditions Arbre Bleu, 2020)

“Not to Nationalise, but to Rationalise? Cooperatives, Leadership, and the State in the Irish Dairy Industry, 1890-1932” Irish Economic & Social History 44:1 (2017), 85-101.

With Michael de Nie, Ciaran O’Neill, and Enda Delaney, “Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Transnational History,” Eire-Ireland 51: 1&2 (2016), 266-76.

“‘You Have Votes and Power’: Women’s Political Engagement with the Irish Question in Britain, 1919-21,” Journal of British Studies Vol. 52: 1 (Jan. 2013), 178-204.

“Bricks and Flowers: unconventionality and queerness in Katherine Everett’s life writing,” in British Queer History: New Approaches and Perspectives, ed. Brian Lewis (Manchester University Press, 2013), 68-86.

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