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I am a social psychologist who works on identity in the context of migration, diaspora and transnationalism. I have a particular interest in the Irish diaspora, particularly the Irish in Britain. Relevant publications include:

Scully, M. (2015) “Emigrants in the traditional sense”? – Irishness in England, contemporary migration, and collective memory of the 1950s. Irish Journal of Sociology, 23 (2) 133-148.

Scully, M. (2015) The Problem of a Subjective Authenticity and the Articulation of Belonging among the Irish in England — a Psychosocial Approach. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 12(1) 34-44.

Scully, M. (2013). BIFFOs, jackeens and Dagenham Yanks: county identity, “authenticity” and the Irish diaspora. Irish Studies Review, 21(2), 143-163.

Scully, Marc. (2012). Local Spaces, Liminality and Authenticity: The Case of the Irish Diaspora in England. In R. Kenedy, M. Greenfields, J. Rollins & S. P. Gabriel (Eds.),Diasporic Identities and Spaces Between (pp. 117-146). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Scully, M. (2012) “Whose Day Is It Anyway? St. Patrick’s Day as a Contested Performance of National and Diasporic Irishness.” Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 12(1), 118-135.

Scully, M. (2012) “The tyranny of transnational discourse: ‘authenticity’ and Irish diasporic identity in Ireland and England’. Nations & Nationalism, 18, 2, 191-209.

Scully, M. (2010). Local Identification and Authenticity among the Irish Diaspora in England. In L. De Pretto, G. Macri & C. Wong (Eds.), Diasporas: Revisiting & Discovering (pp. 225-244). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Scully, M. (2009). ‘Plastic and Proud’? Discourses of Authenticity among the Second-Generation Irish in England. Psychology & Society, 2(2), 124-135.

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