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I am an associate professor in the English Department at Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York, where I teach American literature and academic writing courses. My doctoral dissertation, ‘Many Things Take My Time’: The Journals of Susan Warner, was an annotated edition of Susan Warner’s diaries. My current scholarship focuses on the literary culture of women working in New England textile mills in the mid-1800, and that of women textile workers in the same period in France and the British Isles. Recent publications include “‘A daughter three thousand miles off’: Adoptive Identity in Susan Warner’s The Wide, Wide World” in International Adoption in North American Literature and Culture: Transnational, Transracial and Transcultural Narratives. (Ed. Mark Shackleton; Palgrave, 2017), “The Invisible Adjunct: Inverse Panopticism in the English Department” in Remaking the American Campus (Ed. Jonathan Silverman and Meghan M. Sweeney; MacFarland, 2016), and “Manufacturing Eden: The Canals and Rivers of Lowell, 1820-1870” in Waterways and Byways: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Ed. Peter Benes, 2014).

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