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Greg Koos is the Executive Director Emeritus of the McLean County Museum of History, a nationally accredited museum, in Bloomington, Illinois. He served in that museum from 1977 to 2016, 2019-20

His conference presentations and published writing includes histories of McLean County, studies on the material culture of American buildings, a study on the Irish hedge schoolmasters in the American Backcountry the Irish as the Bête Noir of Lincoln’s Republican Party. He is currently researching the placement by Belfast philanthropist Vere Foster of 70 young Irish women in Bloomington in 1858. His book Freedom, Land and Community: A History of McLean County Illinois 1730-1900 will be released in November 2021. That work includes a contextual account of Irish immigration and community life 1853-1900. He is currently working on the Mississippi River as a channel of Irish immigration.

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