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While a student at SUNY Geneseo, I focused my studies on the 1916 Rising, as well as Dublin tenement life at the turn of the twentieth century. I also took a class on Irish poetry analysis, of which I find great interest. I am currently in graduate school at SUNY Albany finishing my Masters in Public History, and I have completed two independent projects in Irish Studies. The first is a website entitled “From Emerald to Empire,” which follows the history of Irish immigration in New York State, as well as the history of Irish Americans, culture, and their presence in popular culture in the United States. After creating this website, I completed an internship at the Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany, NY, where I helped the museum create digital content for their permanent exhibition space. My second project, entitled “Forgotten Daughters: The Women of 1916,” explores the experiences of women living in Dublin during the 1916 Rising. In this narrative, I include sections examining not only pariticipants such as the women of Cumann na mBan and the Irish Citizen Army, but also women who were against the Rising, namely the “Separation Women.” I also include a section for women who did not necessarily participate nor persecute the Rising, but where still caught in the cross-fire, namely nuns, tenement residents, and those living in and around the combat zones. Yet, perhaps what I am most proud of is the accompanying image index where I include archival photographs, artifacts, maps, and other documents that compliment the narrative. While I do not have any published works to date, publication is a goal I have in the future. I hope to one day create museum exhibitions and film documentaries that explore Irish history in a new lens.

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