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Assistant professor of Journalism at Lehman College, CUNY. Author of A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sr. Maura, (Hachette, 2016) the biography of an Irish American woman killed by U.S.-trained forces in El Salvador in 1980. Maura’s politics and loyalties to a people’s movement in Nicaragua and El Salvador were informed not only by her liberation theology Catholicism, but by her father’s participation in the Irish War of Independence and the civil war and her mother’s upbringing in Co. Antrim. The book resuscitates Maura Clarke from holy martyr and limp victim, taking her political, religious and psychological motivations seriously and exploring the crossing border implications of inheritance, memory, loyalty. Public lecture at NYU Glucksman Ireland House, Sept. 2017: Up Sligo and Hurrah for the Far Downs, the Irish Roots of a Cold War Martyr; member lecture, Irish Cultural Society of Garden City, December 2017; member lecture NYC Irish History Roundtable, May 2018; Irish Arts Center/Irish American Writers and Artists MLK Salon, January 2019; What Happened to Irish America, The New Republic, March 2018; Not Just Nuns, paper presentation at Globalism and Catholicism conference, Cushwa Center for American Catholicism, University of Notre Dame, April 2019; keynote, Finding What’s True in the Stories of Women Religious, Conference on the History of Women Religious, Cushwa Center for American Catholicism, St. Mary’s University, IN June 2019;

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