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Connor Toole is an alumnus of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Digital Curation at Johns Hopkins University and holda a Masters and Bachelors degree in History from Providence College. He has presented his research at seven academic conferences, including three ACIS regional meetings and one national meeting. His work on the history of Irish Literary Renaissance was featured in the New England Journal of History’s Fall 2018 edition. Prior to his graduate career at Johns Hopkins University, Connor graduated from Providence College with an MA in American and Modern European History in 2016 and from the same institution with a BA in History in 2013. In the final year of his Master’s degree program, Connor wrote a thesis entitled “A New England Episode in the Irish Literary Renaissance.” This thesis was directed by Dr. Paul O’Malley who teaches two survey courses in Irish history that inspired Connor to pursue Irish Studies. Connor lives in Lake Ridge, Virginia.

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