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I have researched, written, published, edited, reviewed, and taught in Irish, British, British Empire, European, and Gender History, and on Ireland and Mexico/Latin America. I have also taught courses in Historiography and Methodology. My favorite course to teach in the last number of years is Mexican-European Connections Since 1821. The course grew out of my research on Ireland and Mexico.

My most recent articles focus on a trial in Kerry in 1845, and on the Irish doctor/botanist Thomas Coulter in Mexico in the early nineteenth century:

“The Trial at Tralee: The Reverend Charles Gayer and the Kerry Examiner, Proselytism or Persecution?” in Kerry, History and Society, Geography Publications County Series, Kerry, Maurice Bric, editor.


“Imagining Mexico through Thomas Coulter’s Residence, 1825 -1834: Botany, Mining, and Diplomacy” in The Influence and Legacy of Alexander von Humboldt in the Americas (UNAM, 2022)

Until May of 2022, I was teaching at California State University Bakersfield as part of the Faculty Early Retirement Program. I was a member of ACIS since 1988 for many years. I rejoined in 2021, as I have more time! I am on the Executive Committee of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies.

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