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Katie Eagan’s engagement with Irish literature began when she studied abroad at University College Galway as a U.C. Berkeley student. She then completed her senior thesis with Robert Tracy and went on to Boston College for her Ph.D. in English, where she wrote a dissertation titled “‘I Did Imagine . . . We Had Ceased to Be Whitewashed Negroes’: The Racial Formation of Irish Identity in Nineteenth-Century Ireland and America.” Her study of the racial politics of more contemporary Irish identities on both sides of the Atlantic, “Still ‘Black’ and ‘Proud’: Irish America and the Racial Politics of Hibernophilia,” was published in Diane Negra’s collection The Irish in Us. This work informed her teaching as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, where she taught a course called “Transnational Dimensions of American White Identities.” As a community college instructor, she has taught Irish literature twice but primarily enjoys the ethnic studies orientation of her composition courses. She coordinates the Global Studies program, which she founded, and co-chairs the Student Equity and Achievement Committee. She has a forthcoming article in The Famine Irish Diaspora and Women’s Writing, edited by Marguérite Corporaal, Jason King, and Peter O’Neill.

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