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Benjamin Ragan is a doctoral candidate and departmental assistant to the department of history at the Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. He studies the history of the supernatural in the context of Anglo-Irish conflict. He received his BA from The Evergreen State College in the United States of America studying history, literature, and philosophy. He received his MA in History from the Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, studying witchcraft and colonization in Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries. He is a recipient of both the Government of Ireland International Education scholarship and the Universities Ireland history bursary. He has submitted an article ‘Death and the Supernatural in the Bureau of Military History’s Witness Statement Archive’ to the University of Limerick’s History Studies journal which is currently pending publication, and has conducted an online presentation: a poster titled “Communal Apparitions in the Irish Revolution” at the University of Limerick’s AHSS Postgraduate Conference Online Poster Exhibition in April 2020.

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