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In her research, Anne Kane (Ph.D. Sociology UCLA 1994) focuses on historical social movements, cultural analysis, and social theory. Ireland has provided the empirical foundation of her research, first with the Irish Land War and currently the Republican movement in Northern Ireland. The former work is exemplified in numerous articles, chapters, and i book, Constructing Irish Nationalist Identity: Ritual and Discourse during the Land War, 1879-1882 (2011). Her current work is demonstrated in the chapter, “The Civil Sphere and Revolutionary Violence: the Irish Republican Movement, 1970-1998,” in Breaching the Civil Order: Radicalism and the Civil Sphere (2020). Kane has been a Fulbright Scholar to Ireland (1997), a member of the Sociological Association of Ireland and the editorial board of the Irish Journal of Sociology (2015-18), and a member of ACIS since 1991.

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