ACIS Logo Graduate Student Mentor Program Announced

In order to support grad students at this time and help promote graduate student work in the future, the Graduate Representative, Bridget Keown, would like to propose a voluntary mentorship program for ACIS that works on a “House Model”, rather than a one- to-one mentor-advisee relationship. In this model, we would have cohorts of scholars, organized around broad research themes, for example: History, Literature, Poetry, and Culture, with sub-divisions for time period, genre, and methodology as needed or as is relevant.

These groups would be composed of non-graduate students (faculty, independent researchers, etc.,) as well as graduate students. This way, everyone in the group has access to a wealth of field-specific knowledge and research, as well as mentorship for career advancement. These groups could, and hopefully would, remain in contact regardless of geographic location, enabling communication and support outside of conference times. Additionally, a house model overcomes the stress and precariousness of the one-to-one mentor/ mentee model that a lot of conferences try to establish. If someone is in need of advice or assistance, they would theoretically have a whole group to whom to reach out.

If you are interested in participating in such a group, whether as a graduate student/ECR, or as a faculty member/established scholar, please complete the form below. More information will be forthcoming.