Theorizing Irish-hyphenate Literary and Cultural Studies: Panel Proposal for ACIS Annual Meeting 2016 University of Notre Dame

This panel for the ACIS Annual Meeting 2016 welcomes submissions on theorizing Irish-hyphenate (Irish-Canadian, Irish-American, Irish-Caribbean, etc.) literary and cultural studies. Given the conference theme of “The Worlding of Irish Studies” this panel will consider how “non-Irish” national boundaries and national literary histories complicate in practical and theoretical ways Irish-hyphenate studies. How do the critical discourses and methodological assumptions of disciplines within the “non-Irish” part of the hyphenate inflect and shape literary and cultural studies of Irish-hyphenate texts? More broadly, what is the relationship between Irish Studies and, for example, Irish-American studies or Irish-Canadian studies? And, do transnational or transatlantic approaches help to clarify the relationship between Irish studies and Irish-hyphenate studies or do they further complicate them? Papers addressing Irish-hyphenate texts written during the nineteenth- and twentieth-century are of primary interest but papers on all related topics will be considered. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please send abstracts by 12/1/2015 to