ACIS Logo Tenure-Track Position in the Irish Language and its Cultures

The successful candidate will not only be fully fluent in the Irish language and have scholarly-level expertise in its literature, but also show evidence of a multidisciplinary approach to Irish-language studies and to Irish Studies as a whole, as well as a demonstrated interest in how that language is, in itself, both a pivotal generator as well as a conduit of Irish identities whether of nation, region, gender, class, etc., both historically and in the present. To that end, the candidate may have specialization in related disciplines (folklore, film, oral history, cultural studies, historical geography, etc.) provided that they are qualified to fulfill the core Irish-language teaching and research obligations.

They will be expected to offer courses in English on the significance of the Irish language in the context of pertinent issues (for example: language politics, language policy, translation, diaspora studies, minority rights, etc.). Additionally, the candidate will be expected to devise creative strategies that promote community engagement with the language.

For more information, please see official job posting.

Published on: September 25, 2019