Seeking Irish Builders of Postwar London

Research Project: Digging for Gold: Irish Builders in Postwar London

I am seeking a cohort of potential interviewees and gather existing sources in relation to my PhD research project which focuses on the experiences of the Irish involved in the construction industry in London, since the Second World War. If you are – or know – someone who emigrated to London in the decades following World War Two, who worked in building or civil engineering and who would be willing to have their recollections recorded and become part of this study then please contact me by e-mail on

If you want to know more about the project, please visit our Facebook page.

I’d be very grateful either for relevant pointers in terms of existing archival and oral sources or for assistance in disseminating this information to potential participants.

Best wishes,

Michael Mulvey
PhD Research Student
History Department, Maynooth University