New Resource: Cork’s War of Independence Fatality Register

Launched on 17 May, “Cork’s War of Independence Fatality Register” records the details of 528 persons — British soldiers, policemen belonging to the Royal Irish Constabulary, IRA men or Volunteers, and civilians — who died as a result of the conflict from January 1919 to the Truce of 11 July 1921. The findings are available at the website, a collaboration between the Irish Examiner and University College Cork. Authors Dr. Andy Bielenberg of UCC and Professor James S. Donnelly, Jr., of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have written individual profiles for each fatality, providing the victim’s date and place of death and other relevant details about each episode. A general index allows visitors to search for individuals by name, place, or date of death. Donnelly and Bielenberg also analyze political violence throughout County Cork in 1919-21 in their introduction.

The research has involved about five years of work for the two authors. Naturally, they are keen to have other historians take a look at it. A profile of the new site is available at