New Book: An Irish-American Odyssey

An Irish-American Odyssey: the Remarkable Rise of the O’Shaughnessy Brothers is the tale of one immigrant family’s struggle to assimilate into American society, highlighting its perseverance and determination to seize opportunities and to surmount obstacles, all the while establishing a legacy for its descendants in American art, advertising, journalism, and public service. Its Irish background on the Gregory estate is also considered.

An Irish-American Odyssey was published by the University of Missouri in August 2014. For publication information, click here. An author profile is available, along with recent media coverage.

Main topics considered are American history, Gaelic/Irish culture in the USA, conflicted immigrant loyalties, Irish-American media and politics, history of US advertising and journalism, and the extraordinary visit of W.T. Cosgrave to Chicago in 1928.

Author: Professor Colum Kenny of Dublin City University.