Ernie O’Malley Symposium on Modern Ireland and Revolution

The Ernie O’Malley Symposium on April 25-26 2014 will address topics as wide ranging as Irish republican intellectual history, feminism & guerilla war, postcolonial approaches to Irish literature, history, and culture, the visual arts, music history, the history of the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, Irish autobiography, queer historiography, folklore, and oral history.

IRA leader Ernie O’Malley, who, in his stylistically innovative memoir On Another Man’s Wound (1936), integrated modernist technique with revolutionary political history, reinvented what it meant to tell the story of Irish anti-colonial struggle.

Renowned academics come together to discuss social, cultural, and political revolution in modern Ireland, featuring keynote lectures by Luke Gibbons (NUI Maynooth), R.F. Foster (Oxford), David Lloyd (UC Riverside), Nicholas Allen (University of Georgia), and Róisín Kennedy (UCD).