CFP: Entangled Histories and Cultures: Re-mapping Diasporas and Migrations between Ireland and Latin America

The Society for Irish Latin American Studies and the Spanish Department at UCC invite you to participate in Entangled Histories and Cultures: Re-mapping Diasporas and Migrations between Ireland and Latin America, an international and interdisciplinary conference at University College Cork, Ireland, 25-27th June 2015.

The proximity of Cork harbour, historically an important gate-way for migration and trade between Ireland, Spain and Latin America, provides a stimulating setting from which to explore Ireland’s engagement with the Iberian Atlantic world. Irish people moved and settled in the company of transatlantic diasporas from Europe Africa, and Asia in the context of Empire. Inter-ethnic relations and cross-cultural connections were complicated by processes of class, race, and gender. We invite papers and panels from across the Humanities and Social Sciences focused on entangled histories, and legacies of migration through different eras of colonialism, independence, and globalisation. We also welcome papers on the memory, representation and transformation of the relationship between Ireland and Latin America.
Topics might include but are not limited to:

Private histories/public histories
Labour, gender and racialisation
Slavery, anti-slavery
Freedom, human rights, indigenous rights
Sexualities, race and mestisaje
Migration, diaspora, exile
Languages, literacies, discourse
Exile- political, social, linguistic
Peregrinations, wanderings, religious/official journeys
Lands, landings, placing and mapping
Sea voyages, Safe Harbours, Perilous Passages/Safe Passages, Perilous Harbours
Documents, passports, carnets de voyage and passage/ travelogues/travel narratives
Alternative epistemologies
Difficulties of entanglement
Ekphrasis: Imagi(ni)ng journeys, fictional migrations, (dis-) appearing acts
Visual culture, music, dance
Literature, journalism
Missionaries, government aid, trade
Transnational digital communities
Neo-liberalism, environmental, development, and food relations
Film Studies: documentaries, short films, docufictions, current affairs programmes and migrations
The art of travelling, travelling and art, travel literature
Mental and physical health: diasporas, migrations and exiles

Conference organizers also welcome paper, panel, and presentation proposals from individuals or groups engaged in related disciplines, including graduate students, independent scholars, public and community historians, authors, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, activists, and community associations. Conference languages include English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Submission of abstracts/posters proposals of c. 200 words should be sent before 20 October 2014 to:

Answer from Academic Committee: Monday, 3 November 2014
Confirmation by participants: Monday, 24 November 2014
Online provisional program publication: Monday, 8 December 2014
Submission of Power Point presentations: Saturday, 16 May 2015