CFP: “Church and State and the Rising”

In Celebration of the 1916 Easter Rising: Art, Articulation, Inspiration 
A one-day conference on Friday, October 21, 2016, at Seton Hall University, South Orange NJ

Church and State and the Rising
Chairs, Ines Murzaku, Catholic Studies and Martha C. Carpentier, English
Call for Papers
The role of the Catholic Church in Ireland’s long struggle for independence and nationhood has been problematic, inspirational, and controversial. From the Christian ideal of blood sacrifice that inspired the martyrdom of the Easter Rising, to the excommunication of anti-Treaty IRA members in the Civil War, to the alliance of Church and State in the formation of the 1937 Constitution and the governing of the Irish Republic for its first 40+ years, the faith and the Church have been central to modern Irish identity and nationality. This panel seeks papers that study and comment on any aspect of the relationship of faith, Church, and state in the Easter Rising and its aftermath.

Please send proposals and 500-word abstracts to Martha C. Carpentier by July 1, 2016, at