ACIS Logo Call for Manuscripts, History of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora Series, University of Wisconsin Press

The University of Wisconsin Press is eagerly seeking MSS for its long-established History of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora Book Series, which has published about 20 volumes altogether, with numerous prize-winners and many other lauded works among its output. Scholars whose work is very near to completion are especially invited to make submissions, though we are also interested in receiving communications from authors whose work may be six to nine months away from readiness for presentation. Instructions about submissions are available on the UW Press website at

As co-editors of this series, Tom Archdeacon and Jim Donnelly are open to considering strong MSS dealing with all the various sub-fields within modern Irish and Irish American history, with a bias toward works which tackle important but neglected subjects and make use of previously slighted archival materials.

Please feel free to contact us—Tom at and Jim at We greatly look forward to hearing from prospective authors.  

Published on: September 11, 2020