ACIS Panel on “Irish Revolutions” for 2016 MLA in Austin

ACIS Panel at 2016 MLA (Austin, TX): January 7-10, 2016

Irish Revolutions

As the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising commences, this panel turns attention to a broad range of “revolutions” informing Irish literature and culture across centuries, national boundaries, political contexts, historical moments, and human experiences. We invite explorations of political and cultural revolutions important to Irish culture and self-understanding. Papers could examine representations of political insurrections (the Nine Years’ War, the 1798 rebellion, the Anglo-Irish War) or cultural revolutions (the imposition of the English language, the Revival, the rapid rise of digital media). Or they might consider other revolutions, such as those linked to technology (the turning of film or tape reels), psychic experience (the epiphany), the body (the wheelchair). Papers can also critique the accepted notion of revolution as inherently radical and disruptive.

If interested, please submit a 300-word abstract by Friday, March 20, to Paige Reynolds at