7th International George Moore Conference: London Sept. 11-13 2015

until June 30, 2015

London, more than any other city, was George Moore’s home town. From his arrival as a Mayo teenager in 1869 to residing as the ‘Sage of Ebury Street’ in his elder years, it was in London that Moore produced most of his work. Despite his artistic awakenings in Paris, or literary adventures in Dublin, it was to London that Moore always returned.

The focus of this conference will be George Moore’s relationship with his the city. Topics may include but are by no means limited to:

Moore’s Literary Legacy
Moore and Autobiography
Moore as Collaborator
Moore as Conduit of European Influence (Dujardin, Zola, Wagner . . . . )
The Irish Big House in London
Impressionism and British Art
Moore’s London Circle
A Modern Lover: Moore and Women
Moore and the London Periodical
Literary Modernism and/or the Modernist Heresy
Independent Theatre: London to Dublin
Moore and Cultural Capital – Social Networks in London
Moore: A French Writer Living in England?
French Realism and the Victorian Novel
Circulate This! Moore and Controversy
Impressions and Opinions: The Artist as Critic

Abstracts (150-200 words) for individual papers (max. 20 minutes) or for round tables are welcome. Submissions must include name, institutional affiliation or independent scholar status, and contact information, and should reach Conor Montague before 21 May 2015.

Organising Committee Emails: conor.montague@citylit.ac.uk; piersems@eircom.net

It is hoped that the conference website will be available by Easter.