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Harrison Otis is a fourth-year PhD student and Presidential Scholar at Baylor University, currently researching narrative identity in twentieth-century British novels. He also works as Graduate Assistant Director of Baylor’s University Writing Center.

Caelan Elliott is a student at Baylor University studying Irish Literature with Professor Richard Russell. Caelan is a research assistant to the Dean of the Honors College, and an editor for Baylor undergraduate research publication, The Pulse.

A native of Paris, Tennessee, Richard Rankin Russell specializes in modern and contemporary Irish and British literature. He has published eight books on authors from Ireland and Northern Ireland and directs the graduate program in English at Baylor University in

Clayton McReynolds is a Ph.D. student in English Literature at Baylor University, where he also teaches writing and composition. While Irish studies are not the primary focus of his research, he avidly appreciates Irish literature, especially of the 20th century,

Sørina Higgins is a PhD candidate, Presidential Scholar, and Teacher of Record at Baylor University. She also serves as a faculty member at Signum University, online, where she was Chair of the Department of Language and Literature for the past