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St. John Fisher College established a new interdisciplinary Irish Studies Program in the School of Arts and Sciences in 2012 that has begun offering students the opportunity to explore the literary, social, political, religious, and cultural traditions of Ireland’s past and present.

Program Benefits

Strengthen the ties between St. John Fisher College and the City of Waterford, Ireland (Rochester’s Sister City) as well as other cities in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Expand students’ knowledge of Ireland from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Promote the history and culture of Ireland, both of the past and present.
Foster scholarship in the field of Irish Studies.

The Irish Studies Program offers a semester in Galway, Ireland at the National University of Ireland Galway every Spring semester.


The director of the St. John Fisher College Irish Studies Program is Tim Madigan, Ph.D. He can be contacted at


The following courses relating to Irish Studies will be offered on a regular basis. Other courses are in development.

Acting Out Ireland (Visual and Performing Arts)
The American Catholic Heritage (Religious Studies and History)
Celtic Film: Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (Media and Communications)
Celtic Spirituality (Religious Studies)
Contemporary Ireland (International Studies)
Contemporary Irish Culture and Society (Interdisciplinary)
Drawing Ireland (Visual and Performing Arts)
The History of Modern Ireland (History)
The Irish in Western New York (History)
Irish Thought: Past and Present(Philosophy)
Irish Traditional Music (Visual and Performing Arts)
Irish Women Writers (English)
Media and Ireland (Media and Communications)
Modern Irish History (History)
Modern Irish Literature and Ethnicity (English)

Tim Madigan is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at St. John Fisher College and founder of its Irish Studies Program.