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Since its creation in 2009, Concordia University’s School of Canadian Irish Studies has earned a high-profile international reputation in teaching and research. With six full-time distinguished professors, two annual visiting scholars from Ireland, a prestigious public lecture series, and a wide choice of undergraduate and graduate programs, the School has become one of the world’s pre-eminent locations for the study of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora.
Our focus is on the history and culture of Ireland, as well as the experiences of the Irish abroad. At the undergraduate level, we offer both a Major and a Minor in in these areas. At the graduate level, we offer the MA and PhD in separate disciplines, such as History, English, etc., as well as interdisciplinary graduate degrees that combine several disciplines.
Irish Studies at Concordia University allows students to:
Explore several disciplines during their degree, e.g. History, Literature, Film, Theatre, Music, Language, Anthropology, Design & Architecture, Theology, Gender Studies, Geography, Food Studies and Political Science (see course list below)
Be eligible for generous scholarships, as well as financial support for Field Studies in Ireland
Study in a small nurturing department under the guidance of dedicated internationally recognized professors
Gain career-preparation work experience and receive academic credit for internships in Montreal and Ireland
Join a friendly, diverse group of students and participate in social and academic events at the university and in the wider Irish community in cosmopolitan Montreal.
Build a solid university foundation in preparation for a wide selection of careers, e.g. teaching, law, media, arts, business, community affairs, politics, international development, civil service, and human resources.


Introduction to Irish Studies
History of Ireland
The Troubles in Northern Ireland
The Irish Revolution, 1913-1923
The Great Irish Famine
Rebellions in Ireland and the Canadas
History and Memory in Ireland
The Global Irish
The Irish in Montreal
The Irish in Canada
Early Modern Irish History, 1500-1800
Celts to Tudors: History of Early and Mediaeval Ireland
Irish Social History
Commemorating Irish History
Independent Ireland from the Civil War to the Celtic Tiger
The Irish in Quebec: Ethnic Fade and Cultural Memory
Celtic Ireland: Myth and Folklore
The Irish Language and its Culture
Highlights of Irish Literature
The Irish Short Story Tradition
The Irish Literary Revival
Contemporary Irish Literature
James Joyce\r\nContemporary Irish Women\’s Writing
Irish Literature and Nation in the 19th century
Irish Gothic Literature
Narrating Irish Childhoods
Emigrants and Immigrants: Writing the Irish Diaspora
The Making of the Irish Landscape
Celtic Christianity
Film, Theatre and TV in Contemporary Ireland
The Irish Diaspora in Film and on Television
Irish Music History from the Celts to Bono
Irish Film Studies
Irish Cultural Traditions in Quebec
Irish Traditional Music: A Global Soundscape
Irish Traditional Music in Canada
Irish Plays
Irish Performance Studies
Contemporary Irish Theatre
The Irish Home: Food, Space and Agency
Field Studies in Ireland

PhD Student within the History Department and School of Irish Studies at Concordia University, researching focusing on intergenerational memory in Northern Ireland

Sadie Gilker is in the Individualized Master’s Program at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Her work looks at violence in public spaces in Northern Ireland through the lenses of Performance Studies, History and Urban Planning.

Molly-Claire Gillett is an INDI PhD Candidate at Concordia University, working with faculty members in the Departments of Art History, Design and Computation Arts, and Art Education, and in association with the School of Irish Studies. Her SSHRCC-funded doctoral work