Guide to Library Guides

The ACIS Libraries and Archives Working Group, as part of an ongoing effort to better highlight resources available for teaching and research in North America, will be continually updating a listing of library guides on the subject of Irish Studies.

Library Guides are reference pages curated by librarians and archivists that seek to list key resources relevant to topics in the field. Some are dedicated to specific subjects in the discipline; others aim to collate a catalog of local holdings and collection assets or survey a wide array of resources across multiple sources. Normally dispersed across university libraries, this document aims to bring together a range of library guides in one place for better accessibility.

Boston College

University of Notre Dame

Library of Congress


Memorial University

Hofstra University

Georgia Southern University

New York University

Villanova University

University of Northern Iowa

Yale University

Seattle University

University of St. Thomas Houston

Westfield State University

Cornell University