Members: How to Post Announcements

All ACIS members can use this website to post local events, announce publications, add calls for papers, seek panelists, advertise scholarships, and make general announcements. These posts will be linked on the ACIS homepage and will form part of the monthly digests sent out to members.

Creating an Announcement

1. Log in and using the gray toolbar that appears at the top of the screen, select the “+ New” option and select “Announcements.”

2. From the “Add New” text editor page, enter your announcement information fully, including a title, text, tags to help catalog your announcement, and most importantly, a category so that the announcement will be placed under one of the main announcement categories on the front page.

3. Remember when selecting a title that this will serve as the summary link on the ACIS front page. Thus, make the title as helpful and clear as possible. For instance, if it is a CFP, consider starting it with “CFP:” If it is a conference, give the conference dates.

4. If it is a local or regional Irish Studies event, enter the event details in the boxes at the bottom of the page. This will activate the “Events” categories checkbox on the right. Check this box and select a Region to associate the event with. This will enable the event to show up in the ACIS main front page and on the regional main page associated with the event location.

5. Once everything is set, you can click “Preview” from the right-hand menu to see what your post will look like. Select “Save Draft” to save your announcement for publication later.

6. Click “Publish” to post your announcement live to the ACIS front page. If you have any difficulties, contact Nicholas Wolf, ACIS Web Editor, at